Developing Blockbuster Branded Game Apps On Brand For Corporate Brands! 

Featuring Gamification Techniques To Increase Your  Brand's Engagement With Your Customers!

We're a full-service mobile app developer providing deeper consumer branding benefit's! 


This is driven by our companies' passion and vision as a game publisher to develop and design unique gaming strategies built on your brand and driving revenue growith for our client’s brands.


We see this as an opportunity for brands to directly reach consumers through mobile gamings popularity, most critically positioning your project so that it resonates with its intended audience.    


As a marketing agency, this tactical marketing approach is aimed to increase the reach to consumers and engage with them on an ongoing basis, delivering measurable ROI back to the brand.


Game features Incorporated into your unique product design include validated customer counts, increased brand revenue, number of downloads, repeat usage, purchases, and retention to support your brands purpose. 



We're developing mobile game apps across all genres that hinge on increasing our clients brand reach. 


Mobile isn't just a platform, it's a business born from the fusion from which our mobile development studio captures pure passion, pure vission, and pure branding!


By delivering kick-ass entertaining mobile apps and games, HH Mobile Media exceeds our client's vision for what a branded game means when it comes to consumer acceptance, brand's visibility, and through the on-going consumer engagement. 


Our focus is to incorporate our innovative design technology and take these skills to disseminate the best digital content, user engagement and visions for your brand across multiple entertainment platforms including Apple IOS and Android Mobile platforms. 




Our mission is to develop the best entertaining game apps for corporate brands and A-List Celebrities! 


Marketing your product in today's world requires relevant and vibrant brand awareness that creates separation in the market place.  We create brand separation that leads to user engagement, consumer conversion and increased sales for global brands.


Ultimately, our studio delivers clients a branded content game for brands and entertainment artists, all the time staying true to the brand. 


By developing Mobile content for your unique brand, you have a powerful stand- alone marketing strategy that engages your customers 24/7 and pays for itself over time.


Our development company is engineered in digital marketing, entertainment and technology, visioned on developing unique brand experiences for our clients.  


Whether your company is creating new content or publishing existing content in the digital space, our company's innovative game play - business application solutions will energize your customers to participate in your brand, grow your audience and engage more effectively. 



Pure Branding, Pure Consumer Engagement!



Empowering Brand Engagement

Our mobile development studio and marketing services is everything a business needs that seeks creative and unforgettable immersive consumer brand engagement solutions through mobile applicatons.  

By creating individually branded mobile apps for each of our client's brand, we strategically combine a greater digital experience and resource for consumers to engage with, even creating new revenue opportunities that our corporate partners might not realize.


The Name of the Game is: "THE BRAND"


More specifically, we assess the impact of digital technology on consumers and examine strategies for exploiting your brand created by disruptive opportunities. 


The pure pursuit is delivering innovative strategies and content that connects you with your customers, utilizing game play Gamification platform techniques.


Our company takes a hands on approach to working with companies and their brand integrity as we conceptualize a branded mobile game application featuring engagement strategies that are immersive to your fans, and true to the product.



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Portfolio of Success

See for yourself how our creative mobile and gamification solutions have driven the success of other companies, founded in our gaming heritage, Wha Entertainment, Inc.

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