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Over the years, Howard Horowitz, founder and CEO of WHA Entertainment Inc. has developed or published hundreds of game titles across multiple gaming platforms.


From working with leading entertainment companies such as Nintendo, Codemasters and Sierra on Line, Howard has released hundreds of games over the past number of years.


From this journey and knowledge base of consumer gaming behavior, Howard stared HH Mobile Media with the vision to bring his talents to Leading Media and Fortune 500 companies.


He has incorporated a number of the elements, rewards and features went into the development of games and has transposed those details to building brands through commercial success.


Below is a short list of our most successful game projects worked on over the years:

Grand Theft Auto: Original PC release

Double Dragon

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Jeff Gordon Racing

TNT Outdoors Hunting

King’s Quest VII


Cheech and Chong

Kick Ass


Lionsgate / Movie "Kick Ass"




Sony PSN


wha entertainment developed a marketing platform for releasing the hit movie into a world-wide game strategy on Sony PSN.  wha entertainment localized the game into 10 languages to meet the demands of each territory. 


wha entertainment teamed up with NBC Universal Europe and Marvel Comics to deliver an immersive, true movie like gaming experience for its fans. 

Backed by a tailor - made marketing strategy to boost the games notoriety with a young and internet-savvy target audience, the games success lead to multiple upgrades and enhancements.

Marketing Success

wha entertainment significantly increased the European presence by teaming with NBC Universal and created an avatar marketing experience quantifiy in six figures of avatar downloads.  Special emphasis was placed on a viral marketing campaign designed to promote awareness of the promotion, through the use of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter channels.


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Portfolio of Success

See for yourself how our creative mobile and gamification solutions have driven the success of other companies, founded in our gaming heritage, Wha Entertainment, Inc.

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HH Mobile Media wins Development Awards


  • HH Mobile Media won this year's CT Development Awards, marking it as one of the top development companies in the state.


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  • HH Mobile Media chosen from more than 100 start-ups and emerging growth companies in the Connecticut innovation summit.


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