We Build Custom Brand Campaigns with a mix of art and analytics

We have the pulse for today's market, and the solution for your mobile development and marketing activities.


When consumers participate and engage, they learn about your products from an emotional experience, keeping your brand ahead of the competition for long term success.


Our Gamification Mobile Solution strategy outlines our approach from conception, designing and creating a rewarding commerce experience to build lasting relationships for brands.


Through our game play model of Reward incentives; our Mobile Development Studio is perfect for companies that want to increase the reach of its brand by engaging with their customers in a causal gaming app, driving performance, achievements and social interaction.


By branding your companies message through our analytical Gamification reward system, HH Mobile Media exceeds your advertising and marketing challenges, increasing your brands visibility and consumer engagement.


Integrating consumer Brand consumption through our unique "Play 4 Pointz" Rewards mobile engine is what HH Mobile Media can do for you and your brands personality.


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Portfolio of Success

See for yourself how our creative mobile and gamification solutions have driven the success of other companies, founded in our gaming heritage, Wha Entertainment, Inc.

Explore our portfolio Gaming Heritage!

What's New

HH Mobile Media wins Development Awards


  • HH Mobile Media won this year's CT Development Awards, marking it as one of the top development companies in the state.


HH Mobile Media selected as a "2012" Company to Watch


  • HH Mobile Media chosen from more than 100 start-ups and emerging growth companies in the Connecticut innovation summit.


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Office: +1-800-806-5285

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