Consultation Strategy

Our program is a complete start to finish strategy that includes project analysis; competitive study; wireframe and semi-functional prototype design and development; technical overview; project timeline and pricing.

We start off by working with your stakeholders to determine the features, advantages and benefits they are looking for in a mobile app. Our creative team works with your marketing staff to ensure we strictly adhere to your brand guidelines.

The Play 4 Pointz prototyping process is diligent, comprehensive and structured. It empowers your team with the ability to deliver a rst class mobile application with a solid understanding of the entire process and investment required. Our prototyping program generally takes roughly six weeks to complete.

Expanding Your Current Content

Should your organization have an existing mobile app development project underway but are hearing more excuses than positive feedback - should your project deadlines be slipping - should you be doubting the capabilities of your current team - our rescue program can assist.

Our rescue program is quite simple. We carefully analyze each line of code that has been written. We compare the functionality that has been created to that of your original project specifcation.


Our software engineers will get your mobile app program back on track quickly and effciently. Your mobile rescue program was created because we discovered many of our clients had already started development project utilizing offshore talent, or internal resources that had to be reassigned.


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Portfolio of Success

See for yourself how our creative mobile and gamification solutions have driven the success of other companies, founded in our gaming heritage, Wha Entertainment, Inc.

Explore our portfolio Gaming Heritage!

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HH Mobile Media wins Development Awards


  • HH Mobile Media won this year's CT Development Awards, marking it as one of the top development companies in the state.


HH Mobile Media selected as a "2012" Company to Watch


  • HH Mobile Media chosen from more than 100 start-ups and emerging growth companies in the Connecticut innovation summit.


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